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Did you know why the lymphnodes swell?

Usually swollen lymphnodes indicate a common infection, but sometimes, they can be also signal a medical condition, such as an immune disorder or, rarely, a type of cancer. The human body has hundreds of lymph nodes, the main lymphnodes that we can see or feel are found under the jaw, on each side of the neck, under the armpits and on each side of the groin. The lymphnodes collect and filter lymph ( fluid that flow through the Lymphatic system) that carry waste materials, bacterias, viruses, impurities. Inside the lymphnodes there are B and T lymphocytes that are our immune cells, that helps the body recognize and fight germs, infections, is to them that the lymph collected from the vessels is directed to be filtered before go to circulatory system, so when the lymph nodes swell, it's a response from our body trying to fight an infection that has appeared, then no be afraid, it happens, for example, an ear infection can cause swollen lymphnodes near the ear or someone with an upper respiratory infection can notice swollen lymph nodes in the neck. We'll feel they soft, usually appears on both sides, round bumps, can be the size of a pea or a grape, also should be sensitive to the touch, which indicates inflammation, the infections are mostly viral, and can appear with other symptoms, like a sore throat, cough or flu symptoms, also some medications such as antimalarials and anti-seizure, can cause swelling, however, much less commonly, in some cases this swelling, can be a sign of cancer, immune disorders or generalized lymphadenopathy ( when more than one region swells, get an abnormal size, consistency, it usually means a systemic issue disease that needs medical attention, then if you notice that swollen lymphonodes it doesn't disappear and are on the region for more than 3-4 weeks after the body fight the infection with success or show signs like: many swollen lymphnodes on the body, hard, rubbery to the touch, no pain, accompanying night sweats, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, a high fever, or node that have an inch or more in diameter, then the only way to be sure is to see a general practitioner for tests blood tests or biopsy for example. Keep the proper functioning of Lymphatic System is really, really important, how? Having a balanced diet with little salt, sugar, avoid alcohol, processed foods, include more fruits and vegetables, do Lymphatic drainage is the best treatment to boost the Lymphatic system, immunity and circulation, it brings health to the body, stay hydrated with a least of 2lts of water a day, exercises daily (yoga, pilates, or whatever you feel well doing). If the lymph isn't flowing properly, cells don't receive oxygen, it can became sticky and thick, toxins accumulate, and it can bring many issues to the body, such a tiredness, slow metabolism, irritability, joint pain, lack of concentration, dry skin, swelling, digestion issues, constipation and many others.

Ana Trida

(Specialist in Lymphatic Drainage, Brazilian nurse)

Instagram: anatridatherapist

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