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How to boost immunity at home?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

To keep immunity high so the organism can defend itself from the "attack" is good to maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, sleep well, don't smoke, avoid eating fast food and hydrate yourself. The proper functioning of the Lymphatic system, in addition to helping to eliminate the “extra” fluid avoiding swelling, boost the Immune system, helping the body to protect itself from agents such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, then preventing infectious processes.

Tips to boost immunity at home:

1) Consuming foods based on Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin D, all of them are nutrients that help fight against flu, colds and other diseases of the Immune System.

➡️ Vitamin C (orange juice squeezed, berries, strawberry ), take juice daily.

➡️Foods like broccoli and spinach are rich in folic acid, the nutrients help in the formation of white blood cells, responsible for the defence of the organism. Whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas) are rich in zinc, a nutrient that fights colds, flu and other diseases of the immune system. Yoghurts are sources of calcium and vitamin D, which activate cells that fight infections.

2) Mix Lemon+ginger+ honey are very effective to respiratory infections, boost immunity system and combat chills and fever ). THIS COMBINATION IS PERFECT for those who love tea, like me,

and the incredible power of organic herbs, I recommend Lemongrass Tea + Ginger + #manukahoney (Brand: #pucca ), lemongrass tea has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help us cope with cold, cough and flu, boosting our immunity system.

3) Stay Hydrated: A good hydration of the body is essential to maintain high immunity, it's crucial for all biochemical reactions to take place perfectly in cells, especially when we get sick. Drinking an average amount of water, between 1.5 litres to 2 litres per day for normal people, or even more, if you have no restrictions, is always good for our health.

4) Exercise daily, make the body stronger, then to maintain the proper functioning of the Lymphatic system and consequently boosting immunity I recommend:

➡️ Exercises using a trampoline: jumping on a trampoline improves the circulation of the Lymphatic system, besides, activates the muscles, eliminate lactic acids, detoxify the tissues, and low impact. ➡️ Pilates: also stimulates the circulation of the Lymphatic System as a whole, besides, promotes an improvement in posture, strengthening and physical conditioning, and whole-body toning. ➡️ Practice yoga or meditation: Helps promote balance, raises immunity, reducing stress and anxiety, also a natural regulation of hormones, favouring our metabolism.

➡️ Exercises to pump the lymph, helps increases lymphatic flow, improving circulation and boosting immunity:

Make 10 circular movements in cervical region  (turning the head), shoulders foward and back 10 times, lifting one leg up and the other up ( moving the hip), fold and strech the arm doing in each arm 10 times.

➡️ Improve Lymphatic flow : make 10 circular movements with gentle pressure on the following areas, above the collarbone, armpits, under the groin and behind the knees, these movements stimulate the emptying of lymphnodes, improving lymphatic flow, helping to eliminate the accumulation of liquids and improving circulation.

5) Sleeping Well is essential: Not sleeping well after a while, increases the level of cytokines (inflammation mediators molecules) in the body and cause damage to defence cells.

6) Don't Smoke :

The components of the cigarette release inflammatory substances that will take a lot of work from the immune system, which may not have "enough strength" to fight viruses and bacteria while you are busy with it.

7) Avoid eating fast food, cooking is always the best way:

Fast food increases inflammation in the body while decreasing the immune system's ability to respond and control this attack. Not to mention that when eating fast food you always stop eating foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants important for the proper functioning of the immune system.

8) Natural Medicine: Propolis

Propolis contains proteins and compounds capable of altering and regulating the immune system, in addition to the benefits of being antibacterial and antiviral also it activates the initial steps of the immune response by stimulating specific receptors and the production of cytokines, which modulate the mechanisms of immunity.

9) Use Coconut oil to cook:

Lauric acid and capric acid, present in coconut oil, have the property of strengthening the immune system, acting against fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Take good care of your own health and wellbeing at this challenging time, including your emotional and mental wellbeing.

10) Deep breaths to activate the whole lymphatic system, it helps to pump the lymph through the lymph vessels, nourish the cells with oxygen, eliminate toxins from them, relieves stress, boost immunity and energy. 

Ana Trida Therapist

(Specialist in Lymphatic Drainage, Brazilian Nurse)


Instagram: anatridatherapist

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