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Do you know what propolis is?

It's a substance produced by bees formed from waxes and resins. It's used as an antibiotic in the hive when mixed with pollen.  Propolis helps to prevent the proliferation of microbes and viruses.
 Green propolis comes from substances from the rosemary-do-campo, it plants abundantly in mountainous and difficult to cultivate lands such as in Minas Gerais.
Recent studies show that green propolis has antitumor action, and is even widely used in hospitals in Japan for the treatment of patients undergoing radiotherapy.

ApisBrasil® Green Propolis Extract with 21% brings several benefits to your health, such as a natural antibiotic with antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to prevent respiratory diseases, sinusitis, rhinitis, gingivitis, fungicide, acnes, runny nose, canker sores, sore throat, boosting your immune system. Recent research points to its use in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, tumors and inflammation, as it has a high amount of artepillin C, a substance with great antitumor activity.
 ApisBrasil® Braziliam Green Propolis is a powerful high quality of natural supplement rich in flavonoids and phenols, which have the function of protecting plants against oxidative damage, recognized and used since ancient times.

Benefits and Differentials:

 - Antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties;
 - Natural antibiotic properties;
 - Great antitumor activity.

How to take Green Propolis Extract? 

If you count drops, the extract will stick to the cup and you won't enjoy 100%. The best way is to jet propolis extract into the liquid you want to drink so that it mixes evenly.
It can be water, coffee, tea, juice, smoothie
or even with a teaspoon with honey.
For adults, it is recommended to ingest 10 to 20 drops.
For children aged 1 to 12 years, it is recommended to ingest 5 to 10 drops, also diluted in half a glass of water, juice, tea or coffee.


 Propolis and grain alcohol.


Authorized Official Distributor: Ana Trida Well-Being LTD is the authorized official distributor for Apis Brasil in England.

Seals and Certifications

In 2000, ApisBrasil obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) registration with the Federal Inspection Service (SIF), becoming a company able to sell in the national and international market. Since then, it has been winning quality seals around the world.

Green Propolis Extract 21% - 30ml

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