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Botanical Elixir is a restorative blend of 100% pure organic-rich botanical oils.


Created by Ana Trida, Specialist in Lymphatic Drainage, with over 18 years in the health area, her signature blend is the perfect combination that allows you to reset and balance the body & mind.


Contains botanical ingredients like:


LEMONGRASS: Stimulates Lymphatic System to work properly. Purifies, tonifies and is antioxidant, restores emotions, helps with anxiety and depression. Relieves pain and regenerate joints, tendons and ligaments


COPAIBA: Very used in South America ( Brazil) in the Amazon Forest for medicinal purposes. An anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial ingredient that helps in healing. Contain antioxidant properti- es that support the Immune System.


GRAPEFRUIT: Energizing & invigorating, has anti-inflammatory enzymes, helps to break down cellulite, preventing the formation of new fat cells. Eliminates toxins, improving kidney function.


PEPPERMINT: Refreshing & invigorating, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic pro- perties. Improves digestive function, elevates mood & promotes a sense of focus.


EUCALYPTUS: An effective natural antiseptic, encourage feelings of freedom and escape, relieves symp- toms of respiratory diseases such as cough and nasal congestion. It improves mental focus by helping to synthesize ideas to complete intellectual tasks, also has healing dermatological action and serves to com- bat muscle pain.


FRANKINCENSE: Boosts immune system, fights off pathogens, helps reduce inflammation & discomfort, nourishes the skin and create a moisturising barrier that protects and treats the body from environmental damage, dehydration & balancing the body.

Botanical Elixir By Ana Trida - Body Oil

SKU: body_oil
  • Gently massage onto desired areas using circular motions until fully absorbed. Can be used on all skin types.

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