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Lymphatic Drainage is a Therapeutic and Rhythmic Massage Treatment that uses light, gentle pressure and rhythmic strokes to increase the lymph flow around the body. This treatment helps to flush out the retained liquids and toxins, aiding for general well-being. Lymphatic Drainage helps the Lymphatic System to do its job better. By understanding the anatomy and function of this delicate System, Ana assists your body in clearing sluggish tissues of waste and swelling.

  • Eliminate oedemas (accumulation of liquids), swellings.

  • Detoxification

  • Improves Metabolism and Circulation

  • Reduce pain caused by swelling

  • Helps in eliminating cellulite

  • Reduces Bloating and Constipation 

  • Relieves Heavy Legs

  • Decreases Menstrual cramps and improves Premenstrual Syndrome ( PMS)

  • Promotes Relaxation

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Boosts Energy

  • Boosts Digestion

  • Pre-Post Cosmetic Surgery

  • Lymphoedema (accumulation of lymphatic fluid in adipose tissue)

  • Helps the body to heal more quickly from injuries, surgical trauma, chronic conditions

  • Releases the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Can improve many chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, disorders associated with the head and neck (chronic sinusitis, migraines), EDS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, detoxification of the body relief of chronic pain and help diseases that appear due to venous insufficiency.


The Lymphatic System is part of the Immune System, and it's very superficial. Composed by veins and lymph nodes strategically localised, the Lymphatic System is responsible for collecting and draining metabolic waste, toxins and water excess. By stimulating the lymph nodes and pushing the lymph towards the heart, it will go back inside the bloodstream, filtered by kidneys and flushed out through urine.
When the Lymphatic System works well, we feel healthy and have a strong defence against illness. When it’s sluggish or blocked after surgery or an injury we can have it swelling, feel tired, and be more susceptible to colds and infections.

  • Any active cancer

  • Acute infection

  • DVT (Deep vein thrombosis)

  • Acute allergies

  • Terminal cancer

  • Precancerous skin lesions or raised moles

  • Kidney failure

  • Heart failure

  • Liver disease



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